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Although EUROSAI is the junior of INTOSAI’s seven Regional Groups, the idea of a European Organisation of SAIs dates back to the foundation of INTOSAI in 1953. The first active steps towards the establishment of EUROSAI took place in 1974 during the VIII INTOSAI Congress in Madrid (1974). Between 1975 and 1989 the SAIs of Italy and Spain, counting on the Contact Committee of Heads of SAIs of the European Economic Community countries, paved the way for EUROSAI by preparing the initial drafts of EUROSAI Statutes. In June 1989 the XIII INTOSAI Congress, held in Berlin, adopted the “Berlin Declaration”, which contained the agreement of creating the European Organisation of SAIs.

In November 1990 the Constitutive Conference and I Congress of EUROSAI were held in Madrid (Spain). At this Assembly the first EUROSAI President and Governing Board were elected, the Statutes were debated and approved, and the headquarters and permanent General Secretariat were established in the offices of the Spanish Court of Audit.

In 2015 we commemorated the 25th anniversary of EUROSAI’s foundation in Madrid in 1990, having come a long way since the moment when the idea of a European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions materialized.

A commemorative event was organised on the sidelines of the VIII OLACEFS-EUROSAI Joint Conference that was celebrated in Quito (Ecuador) from the 24th to the 26th of June 2015, which included a commemorative video and a photograph exhibition portraying the most significant moments in EUROSAI’s history.


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