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About Working Groups

In compliance with article 9.5 of the EUROSAI Statutes and 13 of the Standard Procedures, the EUROSAI Congress is competent for creating technical commissions and study groups and determining their functions.

These bodies are set up for supporting the Congress, at technical level, in concrete works and initiatives, being entrusted with specific mandates. These bodies can be created under permanent basis or with concrete duration for developing ad hoc tasks. The setting up, the provision with new mandates and the dissolution of these bodies are under the responsibility of the Congress.

Also the EUROSAI Governing Board can set up project/study groups, task forces and committees for supporting it in the implementation of actions of its competence or mandated by the Congress. The working groups, task forces and committees consist of EUROSAI members and report their work to the EUROSAI Governing Board.

EUROSAI members can participate in these bodies under voluntary basis. Each working group, task force or technical committee shall elect its own chairperson. All members participating in technical committees or study groups shall be represented there by their delegates or their representatives, who may be assisted by experts or advisors.

EUROSAI currently has three Working Groups and two Task Forces, addressing areas with special priority to EUROSAI:


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