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Calendar 2018

No events for this month
No events for this month
06 - 07 March
IT Self-assessment (ITSA) and IT Audit Self-assessment (ITASA) Update Meetings

Location: Bern (Switzerland)

13 March
EUROSAI Coordination Team Meeting

Location: Gdańsk (Poland)

14 - 15 March
49th EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting

Location: Gdańsk (Poland)

29 - 30 March
Seminar on “Practice of using the International Standards of the Supreme Audit Institutions in conducting audits in the sphere of prevention and consequences elimination of floods”

Location: Chisinau (Moldova)

11 April
Seminar “Control Environment: e-Estonia”

Location: Tallinn (Estonia)

12 - 13 April
12th Annual Plenary Meeting of the EUROSAI Working Group on Information Technologies (WGIT)

Location: Tallinn (Estonia)

26 - 27 April
Spring Session on Environmental Governance

Location: Helsinki (Finland)

No events for this month
No events for this month
No events for this month
No events for this month
25 September
Training Seminar on Auditing Climate Change

Location: Bratislava (Slovakia)

26 - 28 September
16th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting

Location: Bratislava (Slovakia)

16 - 17 October
Audit Methodology Meeting

Location: Warsaw (Poland)

Source:  Strategic Goal 2 - Institutional capacity development (ESP ’17-’23)

22 - 23 October
9th Annual Meeting of the EUROSAI Task Force on Audit & Ethics (TFA&E)

Location: Lisbon (Portugal)

30 - 31 October
2nd meeting of EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1

Location: Tirana (Albania)

05 - 06 November
2nd Seminar and 2nd Annual meeting of the TFMA

Location: Serbia

Related events:   More information here

14 - 15 November
Investigations Seminar

Location: London (United Kingdom)

Source:  Strategic Goal 1 - Professional cooperation (ESP ’17-’23)

19 November
Off-site of the EUROSAI GB Members

Off-site of the EUROSAI GB Members: Governing as a Team for the Future

Location: İstanbul (Turkey)

Source:  Presidency

20 - 21 November
EUROSAI Emerging Issues Workshop

Location: Istanbul (Turkey)

Source:  Portfolio on Emerging Issues & Forward thinking (SAI of Finland)

03 - 04 December
EUROSAI Communication focus group meeting

Location: Riga (Latvia)

Source:  Portfolio on Communication (SAI of Latvia)

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