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Catering and ancillary services in prisons

Audit Id 1603292087015
Título Catering and ancillary services in prisons
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Catering and ancillary services in prisons


Año 2020

Justice and Law Enforcement



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción In 2019, the Irish Prison Service incurred expenditure of €8.2 million on food for its prisoner population. Catering operations are managed by Prison Service staff and the costs are charged to the Vote 21 Prisons. A number of related or ancillary services operating within prisons are not funded by the Prison Service. These include mess committees operating staff catering services, as well as prison shops whose profits are transferred to a separate fund for the benefit of prisoners. This examination included site visits to establish the local operation of catering and related services at a range of prisons and the report reviews the operation of controls over those services. The report concludes that, in general, the systems in place to control, monitor and report on catering and related activity are weak and in need of significant improvement. The report includes recommendations to improve controls over the quantities of food purchased, the governance of mess committees, accounting for prison shops and the administration of the fund for the benefit of prisoners.



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Shane Carton
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