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Advisory Report on the ASSE II mine project

Audit Id 1600447202020
Título Advisory Report on the ASSE II mine project
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Bericht zum Projekt ASSE II


Año 2018

Business and Industry


Environment and Natural Resources





Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has had overall responsibility for the Asse II mine shaft, a disused salt mine which is home to some 47,000 cubic meters of low and intermediate level radioactive waste. By 2018, the Ministry had expended €1 billion on various subprojects at Asse II mine. We reviewed expenditure, project organisation and project governance. We see a high risk of total project expenditures significantly exceeding the projected overall amount of €2 billion. The Ministry used a major portion of the funds expended so far (€1 billion) for ever more costly refitting and maintenance work including the emergency and security measures needed. Expenditure on actual retrieval was rather low and concerned planning and exploration costs only. Another cost risk is posed by the need for further exploring a number of storage rooms. Controlling done by the Federal Office for Radiation Projection was not appropriate to efficiently steer the Asse II project. There was no coordination between project controlling and financial controlling. As a result, it was rather difficult to identify causal relationships between services rendered, changing timetables and project costs. We noted with concern that the Office did not closely monitor cost trends. In our view, this is imperative for such a large-scale project that poses extremely high risks to the federal budget. The Ministry did not comply with its departmental responsibility for steering the Asse II project. Given the fiscal and political weight of the Asse II project, we consider this inadequate oversight to be intolerable.



Audit report


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Audit report


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Thomas Schmidt-Wegner
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