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  3. EUROSAI attends the 1st meeting of the INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform and the IDI-Regions Consultation Meeting, held in Oslo in June 2018

EUROSAI attends the 1st meeting of the INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform and the IDI-Regions Consultation Meeting, held in Oslo in June 2018

6 de julio de 2018

EUROSAI representatives from the Presidency (SAI of Turkey), the Secretariat (SAI of Spain) and one of the Strategic Goal 2 “Institutional Capacity Development” co-leaders (SAI of Poland) attended the 1st meeting of the INTOSAI-Regions Coordination Platform held in Oslo, 25-27 June 2018. That platform was set up at the 70th INTOSAI Governing Board meeting with the aim of providing a working level platform where INTOSAI bodies and related entities can find common ground and identify areas for a better coordination of efforts.

During the meeting, the following key issues were debated intensively; ISSAI Implementation, the Strategic Development Plan of the IFPP (INTOSAI Framework for Professional Pronouncements); Information systems & data bases within INTOSAI ; Professional Education for SAI Auditors; Capacity strengthening initiatives – globally, regionally and/or inter- regionally; Implementation of QA of non-IFPP public goods; Capacity and funding of INTOSAI Regional Organizations; INTOSAI risks and emerging issues – the SCEI; and INTOSAI General Secretariat issues.

The meeting ended with a general agreement to continue this spirit of cooperation, in order to sustain the momentum, as well as address the challenges and opportunities recognized regarding the topics discussed.

Moreover, the first Round table of the INTOSAI Regional Organizations was held on June, 27. This Round table was conceived as a region-to-region practical knowledge sharing session within the Coordination Platform, with a strong practical approach and targeted to the Regional Organizations. It is therefore designed by them and for their specific knowledge & experience sharing needs. Each year’s session will be chaired by one of the regions - on a rotation basis – and the setting of the agenda will be done by this chair, in close consultation with all the other Regional Organizations.

This first session was chaired by the EUROSAI Secretariat, promoter of this initiative, having OLACEFS and CAROSAI assisted in this role by moderating certain items of the session. The issues discussed by the regions ranged from how the capacity development needs’ assessment is performed in each region, to varied internal issues and a benchmarking of materials produced by the Regional Organizations. The first edition of this round table proved that a lot of synergies can derive from this exchange of information, materials and products among the regions and that the regions can very much benefit from this direct interaction. Participants highlighted the added value of the initiative and proposed devoting additional time to it in future editions.

On 28 June 2018, the IDI-Regions Consultation Meeting took place, during which the representatives of EUROSAI, together with those of the other Regional Organizations of INTOSAI, debated and shared views on IDI’s new workstreams; Professional SAIs, Relevant SAIs, Well Governed SAIs and Independent SAI.

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