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Task Force “EUROSAI Strategic Plan”

The EUROSAI Strategic Plan Task Force was set up by the EUROSAI Governing Board at its XXXIV, held in Krakow (Poland) on 5 June 2008, immediately after the VII EUROSAI Congress had decided that EUROSAI should develop its first Strategic Plan, covering years 2011-2017. The mandate of the Task Force was to support the Governing Board in the development of this work.

The Task Force comprised the SAIs of Poland, Germany and Portugal (then, the past-current-future EUROSAI Presidencies); Spain (the EUROSAI Secretariat); Austria, Norway and the UK (for their earlier experience in the development of the 2005-2010 INTOSAI Strategic Plan); and the Netherlands (as the, then, candidate for presiding over EUROSAI in the period 2014-2017). The SAI of Poland chaired the Task Force.

Drafting the first ever EUROSAI Strategic Plan was a great challenge. The development of this task relied on input from the whole EUROSAI community to ensure that the final proposed draft would be in line with their needs and expectations. The Task Force kept a permanent consultation process with the Governing Board and the full EUROSAI membership at several different stages during the development of the Plan.

This Task Force, once fulfilled its mandate and presented its final activity report, was closed at the XXXVII Governing Board Meeting, which took place in Lisbon (Portugal) on 30 May 2011 immediately before the VIII Congress.

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