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Roadmap for Reaching SAI Communication Goals published by Goal Team 1

June 14, 2017

EUROSAI Goal Team 1 on Capacity Building – chaired by the State Audit Office of Hungary – was tasked with developing “possible activities to ensure that all EUROSAI members have access to new methods and techniques that may help them in ‘delivering the message’” owing to one of the recommendations of the IX EUROSAI Congress. The end result of this activity is a document titled “Roadmap for Reaching SAI Communication Goals”, which synthetises the work of the SAIs of Turkey, Hungary and Latvia on what ‘delivering the message’ means, whom SAI messages should be delivered to and how to deliver the message to the concerned publics.

Supreme Audit Institutions differ from each other in many ways including legal mandate, public audit institution types, institutional strategy, national legal and audit environment, which affect the overall functioning of an institution, therefore it is nearly impossible to create a universal guidebook for communication purposes. The aim of the Roadmap for Reaching SAI Communication Goals – compiled by the SAI of Latvia – is not to offer a single view for a SAI to communicate with its audiences, but rather to summarise the possible perspectives on the purpose, targets and means which ought to be taken into account by a SAI when delivering its message. The document should be used as a reference to check for any perspectives which might have not yet been taken into account when creating the institution`s communication strategy. The electronic version of the document is available on the EUROSAI website.

The Roadmap is the last product published by EUROSAI Goal Team 1 on Capacity Building since the Goal Teams supporting the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2011-2017 were dissolved at the X Congress held in May 2017. Throughout the past years, Goal Team 1 strived to emphasise an output-oriented view in all its activities. A number of tangible products were developed and shared with the wider EUROSAI community including publications on various subject matters and knowledge-sharing seminars, organised often in cooperation with other EUROSAI bodies. All of these products and information on knowledge sharing seminars are available on the EUROSAI website to support related activities of partner SAIs.

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