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IDI-EUROSAI meeting at the 22nd INCOSAI

October 19, 2016

Following the request of the EUROSAI Secretariat,  an informative meeting has been scheduled in the sidelines of the next INCOSAI in Abu Dhabi, during which IDI will present to the EUROSAI community the IDI-Portfolio 2016-2018.

The meeting will take place on the 7th December at 17.45h, Room B4.



As you know, the IDI provides support to SAIs by facilitating implementation of international standards (including the ISSAIs); development of institutional, organisational and professional staff capacities; knowledge sharing and implementation of good practices; and scaled up and more effective support to SAIs through partnerships with stakeholders.

Even though the core target group of the IDI are SAIs of developing countries, since the approval of its Strategic Plan 2014-2018 IDI may also provide capacity development support for developed country SAIs on cost recovery basis.

The EUROSAI Secretariat wishes to highlight the opportunity that IDI’s programs represent for all SAIs (IDI’s capacity development programs address SAIs’ most common demands) and, thus, invites EUROSAI members to attend this meeting, where valuable information on such programs will kindly be provided by IDI.

The EUROSAI Secretariat has already sent out the invitation to all EUROSAI members for that meeting and is kindly asking members for confirmation of attendance.

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