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Cooperation with Universities

EUROSAI, in its capacity as Organisation, doesn’t maintain regular cooperation with Universities but it takes this objective into account, not as a goal in itself but like a transversal goal to be considered in the development of any training activity.

Most of the SAIs Members of EUROSAI cooperate with high education institutions. There are many diverse forms of co-operation:

  • Organisation of joint seminars and conferences
  • Training of auditors by university professors
  • Promotion of university students as trainees in the Audit Institutions
  • Implementation of lectures in the university by public auditors
  • Participation of auditors of the Audit Institutions in research projects of the universities of its area of knowledge
  • Joint organization of master degrees and post-graduate studies on matters related to the administration
  • Audit of public funds.

In implementing the commitments taken on board by the EUROSAI Training Strategy 2008-2011, in order to strengthen cooperation with the universities, the EUROSAI Training Committee drafted a report in 2010 about areas where this line of collaboration could be given impetus

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