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  3. Development of the vocational secondary education system in Latvia

Development of the vocational secondary education system in Latvia

Audit Id 1605186729042
Title Development of the vocational secondary education system in Latvia
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Год 2020

Education and Training

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оПисания Since 2010, the Ministry of Education and Science has invested significant funding from the state budget and the European Union in the implementation and development of vocational education, at least a total of 1.0735 billion euros, where 37% comes from the EU Structural Funds constituting a significant part of the financial contribution, without which the progress would not be possible. However, the prestige of vocational secondary education is still low - young people do not prefer vocational secondary education and there is no positive trend in the increase in the number of vocational secondary education students in proportion to the number of general secondary education students in the country, which leads to the conclusion that something has not been implemented in full while reforming the system. The State Audit Office has drafted two audit reports where it assesses the implementation of the vocational secondary education development policy by paying special attention to the educational institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture (these two ministries together are responsible for the vocational education and training of 92% of students in vocational education institutions and the provision of general education). In this report, the State Audit Office of Latvia provides an assessment of the functioning of the vocational secondary education system in general by focusing on the results of vocational education implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science. The second audit "Organisation of vocational secondary cultural education: can one improve it?" focuses on the education in the cultural and creative industries.



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State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia, 50 Skanstes iela, Riga, LV-1013, Phone: +371 67017500
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