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New President of the Hellenic Court of Audit

3 Декабрь 2019 г.

Mr Ioannis Sarmas has been nominated by a Decree of the President of the Hellenic Republic upon proposal of the Council of Ministers as the new President of the Greek Court of Audit. He took office on November 5th, 2019. 

Judge Ioannis Sarmas, Docteur d'Etat en droit (1985, France), until now Vice President of the Court, is also a Member of the Supreme Special Court of Greece (the supreme constitutional and judiciary conflicts resolution court of Greece) and a former Member of the European Court of Auditors (2002-2013). He has been a Judge at the Greek Council of State (1987-1993) and a Judge at the Greek Court of Audit since 1993.

He is the author of extensive publications on jurisprudence and audit issues.

For more information on the President, please see:

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