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  3. INTOSAI is looking for candidates for the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP)

INTOSAI is looking for candidates for the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP)

31 Август 2020 г.

Standard setting is one of INTOSAI's most important and visible outputs, and the Forum for INTOSAI Professional Pronouncements (FIPP) plays a central role in the process for ensuring quality. It is also an important part of the key INTOSAI strategic objective to provide a strong organisational framework for INTOSAI's standard setting. FIPP relies on volunteers with an interest in ensuring clear, relevant and robust standards. More information on FIPP can be found here.

INTOSAI is now looking for applicants from around the SAI community to fill one of the vacancies on FIPP from early 2021 for a three-year period (with the possibility of renewal). It is a demanding role which requires a significant work commitment (around 300 hours annually, as well as participation in an average of three meetings a year). It is particularly suited to candidates with skills and knowledge in applying audit standards in practice, a strong ability to work in English and a drive to contribute to improvement for the benefit of the whole public audit community. INTOSAI will interview each candidate to learn of, and discuss, their experience, knowledge and motivation. Overall, the aim is to ensure that FIPP has the best balance of knowledge, skills and expertise, as well as broad representativity from across the INTOSAI world. On this occasion, they are particularly interested in candidates with experience in SAI that undertake jurisdictional activities. Not every candidate will be successful, but it is possible to apply more than once as priorities may change from year to year requiring adjustment to the composition of the Forum. Further details on the application process are given in here and the nomination form is available here.

INTOSAI wishes to receive applications from the widest possible range of candidates, and for this round they are particularly keen on welcoming applicants from jurisdictional SAIs. The deadline is 19  September 2020. Should you have any questions on either the role or the selection process, you are welcome to contact the PSC secretariat ( or the FIPP Chair, Ms Ase Kristin Hemsen (

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