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3rd Meeting of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 (SG1) on Professional Cooperation

28 Октябрь 2019 г.

The third SG1 meeting, kindly hosted by the SAI of the Czech Republic, took place in Liberec, Czech Republic, on 9 and 10 October 2019.

Besides the SG1 co-leaders (SAIs of the Czech Republic and Germany), around 20 representatives from the SAIs of Albania, Belgium, Estonia (Chair of the WGEA), Hungary, Lithuania (Chair of the Task Force on Municipality Audit), Portugal, (Chair of the Task Force on Audit & Ethics), Spain (Secretariat), Sweden (co-leader of Strategic Goal 2), Turkey (Presidency) and United Kingdom actively participated in the meeting.

The main issues discussed and reports presented during the meeting were as follows:

  • Overview of the current implementation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan and presentation of the draft documents on “Project Group Closure” and “Quality Assurance of EUROSAI Products”, by the EUROSAI Presidency.
  • Progress report on SG1 projects, basically: Innovations, the EUROSAI databases of audits and products, International hackathon, Training, Welcome package, Follow-up of the implementation of audit recommendation, Quality Management; and YES Conference.
  • Progress report on SG2 activities and recent activities of the Working Group on Environmental Auditing, Task Force on Municipality Audit and Task Force on Audit and Ethics.
  • Detailed information on the upcoming XI EUROSAI Congress 2020 and workshops to be offered, namely: the Added Value of IT Audit in the Changing Environment, Investigations at the UK NAO, Emerging issues in the strategic planning of SAIs and IFPP.
  • Reflection on EUROSAI websites and collaboration needed from Key players (SGs co-leaders, Portfolio holders and chairs of the WG/TF) to update the EUROSAI website, by the EUROSAI Secretariat.

The participants also brainstormed on different issues such as EUROSAI databases, capacity development opportunities, and ideas and expectations from the next EUROSAI Presidency; updated the EUROSAI Operational Plan for SG1; and had the opportunity to test three different automatic online translator applications and to convey feedback on them through a survey thanks to the assistance of the IT department of the host SAI.

A Benchmarking Information Exchange Project (BIEP) workshop was also organized by the SAI of Czech Republic to keep the participants updated about the process of BIEP cooperation.

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