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Social Insurance Institute Performance

Audit Id 1594031649302
Title Social Insurance Institute Performance
Titre dans la langue originale

Performanca e Institutit të Sigurimeve Shoqërore


Année 2019

Government Operations (Budget and Spending)

Health and Social Care (incl. Welfare Benefits)



Type de performance

Performed by single SAI

Description Regarding the main audit question “Has the activity of the Social Insurance Institute during the period 2015-2018 been efficient and effective?” the audit message was as follows: The Social Insurance Institute for the audited period 2015-2018, has not effectively fulfilled the institutional mission. The 2014 reform, despite good intentions, has not been effective. This reform does not reflect substantial changes to the existing law and does not reflect solutions to the problems identified before its drafting. SII does not have an institutional strategy and action plans, and does not have an internal regulation in line with the organizational structure. The SII bodies have not been efficient in fulfilling their functions. As a result of the non-performance of cost / benefit analyzes related to the possible investment alternatives of the reserve fund, SII has missing revenues in the amount of ALL 710 million. The SII must effectively implement cooperation agreements with the General Directorate of Taxes and the Albanian Post. Currently, the debt for unpaid contributions is ALL 12 billion and the GDT has not sent to SII 1.4 million payroll. SII has not acted in a coordinated manner with the subordinate institutions and their relationship is evasive, not relying on a sub-legal act. SII, despite the efforts, has not managed to provide a quality service to the citizens by not making available all the necessary information and reflecting delays and exceeding deadlines in the connection of pensions. The pension connection procedure is bureaucratic and with long-term unjustified deadlines. The Social Insurance Regional Directorate does not have a filing complaints format for citizens, not taking into account all the claims submitted by them.





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