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Monitoring of foreign projects

Audit Id 1594031913620
Title Monitoring of foreign projects
Titre dans la langue originale

Monitorimi i projekteve të huaja


Année 2019

EU Funds



Type de performance

Performed by single SAI

Description Regarding the main audit question "Was the IPA funds monitoring process efficient for the period 2015-2018?" the audit team concluded in the following message:IPA projects are conceived as an orienting and facilitating instrument towards the EU membership of a country with a European perspective. Although in Albania such projects have been applied for more than 10 years and in significant financial amounts, the real progress of our country towards EU membership continues to be rather slow. The Albanian side in general and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Economics in particular, have proven: a) passivity in the application for such projects, showing that our European approach continues to rely more on slogans than on work; b) poor management at the strategic, tactical and operational level of the undertaken projects, which lack structures that should have been set up in time, dedicated IPA units in accordance with political and social priorities, efficient monitoring in the financial and performance dimension, thus consequently shown for a mostly fictitious process of increasing administrative capacity and European integration; c) deficient feedback process in extracting lessons from past mistakes, correcting them in time and preventing their future redistribution, showing a lack of responsibility and causing financial damage. In line with the Framework Agreement and the EU's strong financial investment in Albania's European integration, IPA projects can and will give their full effect only after all the necessary structures have been set up, dedicated to them in accordance with their strategic importance and to be monitored and audited with coordination responsibility and proactive approach.





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