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Kindergarten and nursery performance

Audit Id 1594032761505
Title Kindergarten and nursery performance
Titre dans la langue originale

Performanca e çerdheve dhe kopshteve


Année 2019

Education and Training



Type de performance

Performed by single SAI

Description Regarding the main audit question "Have the Municipalities of Tirana (Child Development and Education Center) and Vlora provided an effective service for the care and upbringing of children in kindergartens and nurseries?" the audit team concluded in the following message: Tirana and Vlora municipalities have failed to guarantee an effective service in kindergartens and nurseries. As far as the Municipality of Tirana is concerned, for the issues it administers, the efforts have been made only in terms of the reconstruction of the buildings, while in Vlora the situation is deplorable. Almost all elements that guarantee the growth and development of children are not within the required standards, starting from the lack of suitable spaces, over capacity, impaired educator / child ratio, hygienic-sanitary conditions, lack of doctor and psychologist service with (this service only exists in Tirana nurseries), etc. In a time when all countries we aspire as a standard have already focused their efforts only on perfecting the child's educational and developmental techniques, our country cannot yet provide the most basic conditions necessary to be within an institution "responsible for the future". Meanwhile, for the audited period, there are significant improvements in the competencies of Tirana Child Development and Education Center.





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