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Acoustic Pollution

Audit Id 1594033885584
Title Acoustic Pollution
Titre dans la langue originale

Ndotja akustike


Année 2019

Environment and Natural Resources



Type de performance

Performed by single SAI

Description Regarding the main audit question "Has the management of environmental noise by responsible institutions been effective for the period 2016-2018?" the audit team concluded in the following message: The measures taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as the Municipality of Tirana, for the management of environmental noise in our country have not been effective. The Ministry of Tourism and Environment, failing to approve a series of guidelines, has failed to meet the legal framework on environmental noise with bylaws even though 12 years have passed since the creation of the main noise law. The Municipality of Tirana has not drafted appropriate policies regarding the management of environmental noise. The Local Noise Action Plan, noise mapping, the proclamation of quiet urban areas are some of the legal obligations that the Municipality of Tirana has failed to fulfill. On the other hand, the monitoring of noise by the National Environmental Agency is not enough to produce representative and reliable data for the respective cities as a result of the small budget allocated by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, which is evidenced in the non-fulfillment of objectives set by the Ministry of Tourism and Environment itself. Failure to accredit the noise monitoring process also affects low data reliability. The lack of noise measurement equipment in the Environment, Forests, Waters and Lands State Inspectorate, has resulted in difficulties in the processes of inspection and taking concrete measures against entities that emit noise levels above the allowed norms. The Institute of Public Health has not conducted any epidemiological studies to assess the cause-and-effect relationship on the impact of environmental noise on population health.





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