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The EUROSAI Electronic Good Practices Database has been renewed

9 juillet 2019

The State Audit Office of Hungary (SAO) has been operating the EUROSAI Electronic Good Practices Database on quality management from 2011 on its English-language website. With the renewal of the website also the database has been updated: not only the look of the templates is new, their contents are also revised, so that those interested can learn about the latest good practices in the field of quality management.

SAO has finished with the process of updating the database containing good practices regarding quality management. Accordingly, the EUROSAI community was addressed and invited to update their good practices, while SAO’s own templates were also revised and new pieces of good practices were added. To date, following the update, the renewed database consists of 28 pieces of good practices from the EUROSAI member states and 16 collected from SAO’s own organisational units. 

The former matrix structure of the database has been simplified, now the templates can be listed by the countries submitting them, their titles, the topics covered by the ISSAI 40 or the good practices guide, as well as the date of publication. The contents of the list format are equivalent to those presented in the former matrix structure; however it is easier to access them from mobile devices as well.

The area of quality management is of utmost importance in the international field, and also on INTOSAI’s agenda. The review of the ISSAI 40 standard is scheduled for 2019 by the Strategic Development Plan of the international community.


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