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Remediation of landfill sites

Audit Id 1603726646779
Título Remediation of landfill sites
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Remediation of landfill sites


Año 2020

Environment and Natural Resources



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The Irish Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment is responsible for a grant scheme established in 2006 that aims to fund capital costs associated with the remediation and aftercare of landfill sites. At July 2020, the total number of identified landfill sites in the State is 611 — consisting of 117 sites licensed and regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency since March 1997, and 494 unregulated sites notified by local authorities. Up to the end of 2019, the Department had provided over €158 million for landfill remediation of 122 sites. For two of the larger sites (Kerdiffstown in Kildare and Kilconnell in Galway), the Department estimates that up to a further €68 million may be required to complete the remediation. The likely costs to complete ongoing remediation works at other sites has not been estimated. The report includes recommendations for the Department to review the governance and oversight arrangements for landfill sites, to ensure the completion of outstanding risk assessments for all sites, and to develop medium term estimates of the future costs associated with landfill remediation.



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Shane Carton
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