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Publications The digital public service for education

Audit Id 1568390827044
Título Publications The digital public service for education
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Año 2019

Education and Training



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The 2013 Act on Reform of the Republic’s Schools created the “educational digital public services” intended to teach schoolchildren digital techniques with a view to their future civic and professional integration, improve pedagogy through use of digital services and resources in classrooms, and foster equal opportunities. It also aimed to modernise management of the educational service by facilitating relations between teachers, pupils and parents. Assessment of its implementation is disappointing. Although there has been a significant increase in public investment in digital technology, conditions under which this particular public service is being deployed are far from ideal: connection of schools and institutions remains inadequate, and in many cases is non-existent; there are still major inequalities between territories with regard to equipment of classes and pupils; the digital resources offer, which is extensive and often innovative, is not organised; due to a lack of initial and continuing training, only a minority of teachers is at ease with teaching methods based on digital technology. In order to remedy the continuing inequalities in access to the digital public service, the Court recommends that all primary and secondary schools be provided with a basic digital programme.





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