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Management of the schools estate

Audit Id 1603726454340
Título Management of the schools estate
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Management of the schools estate


Año 2020

Education and Training

Housing, Property and Construction



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The Irish Department of Education and Skills has overall responsibility for management of the nation’s school estates. This accommodates just under 4,000 schools catering for around 931,000 pupils. This report outlines the Department’s arrangements for monitoring the condition of properties, funding of maintenance and refurbishment and the ownership and governance of these properties. In the period 2012 to 2019, the Department incurred capital expenditure of €3.1 billion on site acquisition and the completion of capital works projects, such as construction of new schools, extensions and refurbishments. A further €1 billion was spent on minor works, emergency works and other capital related expenditure in the same period. Recommendations include the conduct of a survey to assess the condition of schools nationwide in a consistent manner, the development of guidance and good practice information to assist schools’ in their maintenance responsibilities, the implementation of legal agreements where appropriate to protect the State’s interest in the schools estates and refinements to accounting practices relating to how property assets are recognised and valued.



Audit report


Management of the schools estate
Mary Henry
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