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Expenditure under a maintenance contract

Audit Id 1603186529753
Título Expenditure under a maintenance contract
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Expenditure under a maintenance contract


Año 2019

Housing, Property and Construction



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The Office of Public Works in Ireland utilises the services of a private contractor retained on a fixed term contract basis to provide maintenance services and to carry out minor capital works on part of its Dublin portfolio. When a contract for the service was put in place in late 2014, it was anticipated it would result in a spending of around €3 million a year. Over the years 2015 to 2018, actual expenditure was €10 million a year. The report also describes contract monitoring arrangements and the procurement process leading up to the start of a replacement contract, due to run for three years from October 2018. This was advertised at tender stage at an estimated average value of €5 million a year.



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Shane Carton
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