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Effectiveness of Poverty Alleviation Measures

Audit Id 1604480476042
Título Effectiveness of Poverty Alleviation Measures
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Ефективност на мерките за борба с бедността


Año 2020

Sustainable Development



Tipo de acción


Descripción The subject of the audit is the effectiveness of poverty alleviation measures for the period 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2018. The analysis and assessments are focused on the strategic framework for the implementation of the poverty reduction policy, the organization in planning the implementation of the policy, the contribution of the monitoring and evaluation system for improving governance and the extent to which the national goal of reducing the number of people in poverty has been achieved. The national goal is set in the National Reform Program and the National Development Program and national policies have been identified to contribute to its achievement, which is a prerequisite for fulfilling the commitments to achieve the common EU goal of reducing the number of people living at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The strategic goals are not operationalized and there is no profiling of the defined target groups. The planning of the implementation of the National Poverty Reduction Strategy 2020 is characterized by delays in the adoption of action plans, lack of specific guidelines for including measures and activities in the plans, neglect of the role of analysis and forecasting in the management, etc. The ineffectiveness of the monitoring is due to gaps in the system for data collection and analysis and to bad practices in the planning process of the Program and the Strategy. Indicators for the result of the measures and target values for some of the performance indicators have not been introduced. Analyzes and evaluations of the effectiveness of the measures and the degree of achievement of the national goal and the specific sub-goals for poverty reduction have not been performed. Limited progress towards the national target, deepening income inequality, strong regional disparities in poverty, lagging behind and distancing from poverty levels in other EU countries, against the background of low unemployment and economic development, show that Anti-poverty measures are not effective enough and a comprehensive rethink of the mechanisms for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating anti-poverty and social inclusion policies is needed to ensure that the quality of life of vulnerable groups is improved.






Slovak Republic


Audit report


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Bulgarian National Audit Office, International Relations and Projects Directorate
Bulgarian National Audit Office, Performance Audit Department
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