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Control over welfare payments

Audit Id 1603291036578
Título Control over welfare payments
Tí tulo en el idioma original

Control over welfare payments


Año 2020

Health and Social Care (incl. Welfare Benefits)



Tipo de acción

Performed by single SAI

Descripción The Irish Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection had expenditure of approximately €20 billion each year in the period 2013 to 2019. This report presents an overview of the Department’s control activities that are targeted at detecting and deterring fraud and error, and reviews the outcome of recent control surveys and control reviews conducted by the Department. The examination concluded that the estimated level of irregular payments found by the Department’s control surveys is material. Where the Department identifies that an incorrect payment is being made an overpayment is raised. In 2019, overpayments totalling €117 million were raised — €12.2 million of this arose following issues arising on transition to a new illness benefit system. Recommendations include addressing the causes of the delays in completing and publishing control surveys, a review of the approach to setting annual targets for the number of control reviews to be conducted in order to ensure the most effective use of available resources, and the testing of new IT systems in advance of implementation, including obtaining relevant stakeholders’ agreement to changes in processes.



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Josephine Mooney
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