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Task Force Audit & Ethics



Following the final conclusions and recommendations of the VIII EUROSAI Congress that was held in Lisbon in June 2011, concerning the theme Challenges, demands and responsibilities of public managers and the role of Supreme Audit Institutions, the Governing Board agreed to set up a Task Force to deal with Audit & Ethics (TFA&E), aiming to promote ethical conduct and integrity, both in SAIs and in public organisations.

Ethics arises as an important aspect in the present, especially in a widespread context of financial and economic crises. It is generally agreed that the roots of the problem lie on failures of regulation and also on values breakdowns. So, it was considered that the issue should be addressed and consolidated.

The Task Force aims to reinforce, frame and provide robustness to the management of ethical conduct, with practical and feasible tools meant to help the Supreme Audit Institutions in their everyday work.

Its activities are based on working plans targeted at two main goals:

    1. Promote ethics as a pillar of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs)
    2. Promote ethical conduct in public organisations through the SAIs’ audit activities

In both these areas, the TFA&E has so far made comparative analysis on how SAIs are dealing with ethics, has issued papers listing and studying those practices, has conducted seminars and workshops, has been actively involved in the review of ISSAI 30 and is preparing guidance for SAIs.

The following SAIs have been involved in the Task Force works:

  • Portugal (Chair), Albania, Croatia , Cyprus, Czech Republic, European Court of Auditors, Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia, France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Israel, Malta, Montenegro, Poland, Netherlands, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Other European SAIs are welcomed to join.


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