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About Working Groups and Task Forces

In compliance with the EUROSAI Statutes (article 9.5) and the Standard Procedures (article 13), technical commissions and study groups can be set up for supporting the Congress, at technical level, in concrete works and initiatives, being thus entrusted with specific mandates.

As established in the General Procedures for the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023, Working Groups are set up by the Congress to deal with a variety of issues that are of mutual interest for member SAIs, as well as with professional issues relating to wider audit practice. Working Groups have long-term mandates, but they should not be considered open ended. Regarding Task Forces, they are set up by the Congress or the Governing Board for a limited period of time, to deal with specific assignments or tasks of either a technical or organisational nature. 

Both Working Groups and Task Forces feed into the implementation of the two Strategic Goals of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023 and EUROSAI members participate in these bodies on a voluntary basis. 

EUROSAI currently has three Working Groups and two Task Forces:

Working Group on Information Technologies (ITWG)

Working Group on Environmental Auditing (WGEA)

EUROSAI Working Group on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes

Task Force Audit & Ethics (TFA&E)

Task Force on Municipality Audit (TFMA)

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