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The database of surveys contains basic information and links concerning surveys issued by EUROSAI structures (Working Groups, Task Forces, Committees, Project Groups, etc.), by INTOSAI or its Regional Organizations, by Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) or even by other organizations, where relevant.

The intention of this database is to disseminate the information about surveys issued and, where possible, also the information about the results of those surveys. Further information can be obtained through the contacts indicated on the surveys.

The maintenance of this database is entrusted to Strategic Goal 1.

To search in the database you can use the TOPIC and SUBTOPICS Chart.

If you want to add any relevant survey, or in case of any questions or suggestions, please contact:


1. How to upload a survey into the EUROSAI database?

2. How do I most efficiently search through the database?

3. What to do if the survey/ questionnaire link is unavailable or does not work?

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