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Database of products

The database of products contains basic information and links concerning products of INTOSAI and its Regional Working Groups’ Goal Teams, Working Groups, Task Forces, SAIs and Committees from publicly accessible sources. The intention of this database is to concentrate all the products in one place for a better orientation in the field of auditing. By ‘products’ we understand publications, guidelines, handbooks, minutes from meetings, general materials, etc.

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The maintenance of this database has been entrusted to Strategic Goal 1. To search in the database, you can use the search filter.

Are you missing a relevant document here that no one should miss? If so, please contact directly the SG1 team:

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Title Source Subject Year
Paper of U.K (New ways of providing public services - privatisation)


Private finance (PFI and PPP)


881 results .Showing from 881 to 881

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