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Database of audits

The database of audit reports has been designed as a database containing basic information and links concerning audit reports issued by EUROSAI members. The database was launched in 2015 by GT3 team under the previous Strategic Plan and its maintenance has been entrusted to Strategic Goal 1 in 2017. 

Tutorial: how to upload an audit report

You have to use an electronic template to upload an audit report. Before uploading a report, please register and fill in the User registration request that is situated at the top right side of the website. Before the first uploading, registration as an authorised user is needed.

You can also download our short video tutorial here: zip/mp4.

In case of any questions, please contact directly the SG1 team:


1. Can I add the audit reports or other information in my native language?

2. How to most efficiently search through the databases?

3. How do I quickly upload my audit?

4. What if I want to get more information about an audit? Is there a contact list of other SAI’s and their secretariats?

5. Which countries add their audits to the database?

6. What to do if the audit link is unavailable or does not work?

7. How old are the audit documents?

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