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Water Supply and Waste-Water Management

Audit Id 1608541618423
Title Water Supply and Waste-Water Management
Title in original language

Vandens tiekimas ir nuotekų tvarkymas


Year 2020

Environment and Natural Resources



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments Clean drinking water is essential for the quality of human life, thus it is significant to ensure that all people are supplied with good quality drinking water that is safe to use. It is crucial to constantly supervise and control the quality of drinking water since prolonged use of drinking water containing concentrations of chemical (toxic) substances exceeding the limit values can cause irreversible harm to human health. Drinking water supply services are provided to 2.3 million (83.1%), while waste-water treatment services are provided to 2.1 million (76.5%) Lithuanian residents. Each year approximately 140 million m3 of groundwater is abstracted, whereas 164.6 million m3 of domestic waste-water, treated by centralised systems, is released into the environment. 28,654 km of centralised drinking water supply and domestic waste-water treatment networks are operated in Lithuania, while services are provided by 71 licensed drinking water supply operators and 68 waste-water treatment operators. The objective of the audit is to assess if residents have the possibility to obtain safe drinking water meeting the quality requirements and to release properly treated waste-water into the environment.
The results of the audit have demonstrated that the infrastructure of the centralised services of drinking water supply and waste-water treatment is not sufficiently developed, whereas, in densely populated areas (agglomerations), not all generated waste-water is collected centrally, not all water supply operators have licenses, fewer than planned residents are connecting to the networks, and the quality of the drinking water and proper waste-water treatment is not ensured.





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