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School Buildings Quality

Audit Id 1593506460938
Title School Buildings Quality
Title in original language

Cilësia e ndërtesave shkollore


Year 2017




Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments Pre-university school buildings have received a lot of attention in recent years, mainly in terms of increasing their quality; however, the issue continues to face problems related to: • Definition of legislation and responsibilities, competencies, decision-making, through cooperation between central institutions; • Defining areas of responsibility between central and local institutions; • Lack of strategy for pre-university school buildings; • Lack of studies for the construction, development and maintenance of pre-university school buildings; • Weak and ineffective partnership relations with stakeholders; • Drafting low-quality projects in the construction and reconstruction of educational facilities; • Lack of best practices that bring innovation and modernization; • lack of school buildings and their depreciation; • Lack of school facilities, classrooms, laboratories, gyms, illegal constructions in school premises, occupation of school premises and their yards; • Lack of evaluation and certification according to EU standards in space, number of students, classrooms ventilation, natural and lighting condition, etc..; • Lack of evaluation of schools according to their characteristics and standards in accordance with the teaching cycles of primary, nine-year and secondary education; • Lack of needs and priorities defition for new school buildings, as well as their reconstruction quality in terms of time; • Lack of costs determination for each school maintenance and good administration. The importance of this audit is related to the quality of school buildings as educational institutions for the new generation in the process of lifelong learning, assessing the reforms undertaken by the Albanian Government and local government, on the performance of schooling in Albania, through continuous improvement and promoted efficient experiences in its comprehensive development. The audit will also be based on the principle of Partnership Government - Local Government - Education and will be built in the spirit of constructiveness and cooperation among them. In conclusion, the most contemporary opinion will be reflected where the needs for a better quality education are closely related to the quality of school buildings. The message that was issued: Encouraging reforms to assess the quality of pre-university school buildings, describing them as the “third teacher” for their very important impact on the delicate teaching and learning process in the education system. Today, the challenge for the most comprehensive and equal quality education lies in increasing the comprehensive cooperation of central and local institutions, enterprises and businesses, other development partners, the public, etc., seeking and adapting the connection of school buildings with the educational level, building an open school building system with the developments of modern technology and facilitating education, today and in the future in line with the EU systém. The following was recommended: Tirana Municipality and all other Municipalities in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should take measures to improve the entire legal package in accordance with the real conditions of this new approach to administration, competencies, assets, human and financial management resources and administration of the pre-university system school buildings; as well as developing strategies to improve the quality of the pre-university school building system; take measures to improve standards, set criteria for existing school buildings and build new schools. Tirana Municipality and all other Municipalities should take measures to plan quantity and value or (cost) of maintenance, restoration and new constructions, for the pre-university school buildings, necessary for a normal development of the teaching process; increase funds in improving the system of pre-university school buildings as well as creating school facilities, equipment and tools for physics, chemistry, biology, geography laboratories, creating and improving gyms, sports fields in the territory of pre-university school buildings. Municipalities in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, The Government, stakeholders, etc., should take measures in creating a favorable, long-term climate regarding the administration and management of the pre-university school building system, that meets the real needs, best practices and EU standards; prioritize the main objectives for the pre-university school buildings system related to thermal isolation and fill all gaps compared to norms, standards and criteria in terms of: capacities; class sizes; number of students per class.





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