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Regional co-financing of Citybanan

Audit Id 1584094704765
Title Regional co-financing of Citybanan
Title in original language

Citybanans regionala medfinansiering


Year 2012

Government Operations (Budget and Spending)





Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments After dramatic costs had increases 2006 the Government mandated a governmental negotiator to conduct negotiations on regional co-financing of Citybanan. The overall conclusion is that co-financing has not been an effective form of financing for Citybanan and that it has not been sufficiently assessed and transparent. The agreement also included a number of nearby railway projects would be implemented at a cost estimated by the Swedish National Audit Office of SEK 15.2 billion over and above the cost of Citybanan. If these projects had been prioritised on the basis of the socioeconomic analyses drawn up during the most recent planning round, they would probably have been given a lower priority than they have in the current plan. The negotiator, however, made the assessment that the low value of the individual projects was outweighed by the fact that they were needed in order to enable the system to work effectively. However, as there is no base data that describes the socioeconomic effectiveness of the whole system extension, it is not possible to determine whether the negotiation has resulted in an effective extension. Theaaudit concludes that prioritising projects without socioeconomic base data is in breach of the principle that socioeconomic profitability must be the guiding prioritisation principle in the infrastructure area.



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