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Ministry of Education Sports and Youth Performance in Sports Progress

Audit Id 1593506173237
Title Ministry of Education Sports and Youth Performance in Sports Progress
Title in original language

Performanca e Ministrisë së Arsimit Sporteve dhe Rinisë në zhvillimin e sportit


Year 2017

Education and Training



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth (MESY) is the ministry responsible for sports in the Republic of Albania. In addition to policies aimed at ensuring and developing a quality education system, it designs, programs, develops and coordinates work on national policies in the field of sports, designs protective and promotional policies, and creates the necessary spaces for the development and improvement of Albanian sports. In the structure of the Ministry there was a special directorate, the Directorate of Sports, responsible for this field. At the same time, the Sports Service Agency, under MESY, provides services to Albanian sports federations, associations and sports clubs that seek its support. This agency assists and supports with specialized personnel and infrastructure, Sports Federations in the Republic of Albania for the development of national and international activities. The main priorities of MESY in the development of sports are the implementation of state policies for elite sports in the organizational, technical and functional direction of all state sports forums, legislation regulating relations between the state and sports institutions, as well as policy making and subject promotion of physical education in schools. MESY manages the annual budget, in order to create a healthy environment for the sports community, to exercise individual and collective activities, special or periodic, so that all of this can help enhance the country's image and increasing the quality of life from the sources of sports activities. MESY allocates part of the funds for sports to sports organizations based on the criteria set out in the regulatory acts. The Ministry, after the submission of the documentation by the sports organizations and its evaluation, distributes the grants for each of them. The National Fund for Sports Development is a fund created specifically for the development of sports, initially provided in Article 37 of Law no. 9376 dated 21.04.2005, with further changes in the years 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2017, but which was essentially defined as a fund provided by the revenues of sports lotteries, in order to finance and develop sports in the country. Article 40 of the current Law no. 79/2017 "On Sport", defines it as a fund that is provided by income from sports betting and games of chance. The directorates in charge of distributing this fund are the Directorate of Sports and the Directorate of Finance in MESY. Regarding the main question of this audit, “Have the funds for the practice and development of sports been properly collected and spent by MASR?”, The following message was issued: The current state of sports in Albania suffers from a lack of vision and ineffectiveness of policies for its development by various governments and the relevant Ministry, few funds allocated each year in its favor by the State Budget, and from inefficiency in the use of various sports funding sources. The central government and the responsible Ministry have always given sport a secondary role in the lives of Albanian citizens and elite or amateur athletes. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, despite efforts, has been ineffective in developing sports, and not able to achieve that small grants allocated to federations fulfill their mission in promoting and exercising the relevant disciplines and increasing public interest. Central institutions and local government units do not fully guarantee the conditions for athletes, students or young people to practice sport activities. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has not been fully efficient in allocating the available funds, not contributing enough to improving the sports infrastructure. The General Directorate of Taxes and the Gambling Supervisory Authority have not fully poured money in the National Sports Development Fund account, revenues from betting companies during the years 2013-2016, causing a negative financial effect on the MESY budget, non-economy and missing income of ALL 22,964,841. The missing revenues of the current year, until July 2017, are 7,976,440 ALL, much of which was intended for the development of sports. The following was recommended: The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should draft a long-term strategic document for the development of sports in the country, which clearly defines sports objectives and public funding sources for the realization of these objectives. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should establish a standardized cooperative relationship with the Albanian Sports Federation, without displaying preferential treatments, by not appointing their General Secretaries and respecting their autonomy. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should propose the amendment of the Joint Guideline no. 4, dated 11.03.2014 "On the manner of using the fund ‘Grant current internal transfer’ for sports federations and the Albanian Olympic Committee", point 4, in the part where it is stated that the financing of employment contracts is done only for two employees (including the Secretary General) and their number to be determined depending on the workload, activities or achievements of each federation. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should find a lasting solution with the local government regarding the allocation of funds for the multi-sport clubs Partizani and Student. This would implement a single standard, as it is the case with other clubs funded by the respective municipalities, and MASR would allocate funds to federations and the Committee. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should take from the relevant Regional Education Directorates, data on the current state of sports fields, indoor and outdoor, material base and issues related to physical and sports activity in schools, to integrate it as information in its sports development projects in Albania and inform the responsible bodies. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, in cooperation with other actors involved in the sponsorship issue, such as federations or Ministry of Finance and Economy, should conduct an economic analysis in order to define a new sponsorship formula and create fiscal facilities for sponsoring sports companies. The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth should request to the Council of Ministers and Parliament the amendment of the sponsorship law, in order to return the interest of private companies to sponsor various sports.





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