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Funds and property of the State under the management of national parks´ administrations

Audit Id 1575022241471
Title Funds and property of the State under the management of national parks´ administrations
Title in original language

Peněžní prostředky a majetek státu, se kterými jsou příslušné hospodařit správy národních parků


Year 2019

Government Operations (Budget and Spending)



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments The SAO audited four National Park Administrations (hereinafter “NPAs”) and the Ministry of the Environment (hereinafter “MoE”), which is their founder. The aim of the audit was to verify that the national park administrations managed the State’s assets and funds efficiently, economically and in accordance with legal regulations. The audit found partial shortcomings in the management of NPAs with State assets and funds. NPAs fulfil their tasks in nature protection and manage State assets and funds effectively. The audit found a case of uneconomical use of State assets at the KRNAP Administration. Furthermore, the audit revealed some cases of breaching legal regulations. This concerned in particular violations in the areas of the leasing assets, public procurement, accounting and internal control. The revenue from the sale of wood constituted a significant source of self-financing for NPAs during the period under review (44% of total revenues in 2018). This revenue was influenced by the increasing volume of incidental logging due to abiotic and biotic agents in national parks (NPs). The SAO draws attention to the risk of increasing claims for the future financing of NPAs´ activities from the State budget due to the expected decline in this revenue. The MoE managed the economic activities of NPAs without identified shortcomings. The MoE, as the Central State Administration Authority for nature protection, failed to fulfil the measures of the basic strategic framework of nature and landscape protection. The MoE had not prepare the strategy of multi-source financing for nature and landscape management by the deadline approved by the Government. MoE also did not elaborate a comprehensive development strategy for national parks in the period under review. The SAO also found that the obligation of the MoE to ensure the registration of the State’s pre-emption right to land parcels in the NPs cannot be fulfilled due to legislative ambiguity. As a result, naturally valuable land is transferred without the State having the right to exercise the pre-emptive right.

Czech Republic


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Audit report


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