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Efficiency measurement as a means of comparing employment offices

Audit Id 1584352018384
Title Efficiency measurement as a means of comparing employment offices
Title in original language

Effektivitetsmätning som metod för att jämföra arbetsförmedlingskontor


Year 2012

Employment, Jobs and Careers



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments The Swedish National Audit Office has audited the resource efficiency of the Swedish Public Employment Service. Efficiency is examined through comparisons between employment offices. This study has also investigated how the Government controls the work of the Public Employment Service in order to achieve an efficient operation. The efficiency calculations are based on the DEA method (Data Envelopment Analysis). The DEA method is particularly appropriate when both production (output) and resources (input) are multi-dimensional, i.e. that several types of outputs are produced with a wide range of inputs. The offices that achieve the most output, e.g. transitions to work or studies, given the amount of resources are viewed as most efficient. The majority of the employment offices conduct their activities in a resource-efficient manner. This means that, according to the model, they cannot increase output unless additional resources are provided. The average improvement potential during the studied period is just over 8 per cent for each individual year. This means that the final output could increase by an average of 8 per cent without any change in the level of resources.



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