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Asylum inflow 2014-2016: a cohort of asylum seekers

Audit Id 1545136104695
Title Asylum inflow 2014-2016: a cohort of asylum seekers
Title in original language

Asielstroom 2014–2016: een cohort asielzoekers in beeld


Year 2018

Immigration, Integration



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments The Netherlands Court of Audit concludes that the authorities involved in the asylum chain show great resilience when faced with a large inflow of new asylum seekers. An audit of the asylum inflow in the period 2014-2016 found that the EU Dublin agreements were not properly observed. Under the Dublin Regulation, the Netherlands can return asylum seekers to the EU member state in which they were first registered. The Court found that just 14.8% of the Netherlands’ Dublin requests actually led to asylum seekers being returned. There were also significant differences in the EU member states’ willingness to honour the Netherlands’ requests that they take back asylum seekers.

The Netherlands


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