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Annual report and accounts 2018

Audit Id 1565616287610
Title Annual report and accounts 2018
Year 2019

Auditing and Financial Management



Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments Rigsrevisionen’s scrutiny of the government accounts is carried out either as annual financial audit, including elements of performance and compliance audit, or major studies of specific policy areas. Annual audit is a systematic audit of all ministerial departments, agencies and bodies based on an assessment of materiality and risk. Based on the results of our audit, we issue an audit opinion on the individual ministerial remits on the government accounts. These are published in the annual report on the audit of the government accounts. The focus of the major studies is on issues of significant economic or principle importance. Such issues may concern several accounting years, but need not necessarily have a bearing on the accounts of the affected departments. The results of the major studies are reported to the Danish Public Accounts Committee.



Annual report


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Lisbeth Sørensen
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