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2019 Annual Report

Audit Id 1597063563839
Title 2019 Annual Report
Title in original language

Rapport Annuel 2019


Year 2020

Agriculture and Food

Auditing and Financial Management

Business and Industry

Culture, Media and National Cultural Heritage

Defence and Army

Education and Training


Environment and Natural Resources

Financial Institutions and Markets

Government Operations (Budget and Spending)

Health and Social Care (incl. Welfare Benefits)

Housing, Property and Construction

ICT and Systems Analysis


International Affairs

Justice and Law Enforcement

Regulation, Regulators and Competition

Science, Technology and Innovation

State Procurement

Taxation and Duties






Type of performance

Performed by single SAI

Comments By supervising the federal finances, the SFAO fulfils its task as auditor of the authorities, federal enterprises and subsidy recipients. SFAO employees answered some complex audit and evaluation questions in 2019. Why were reservations expressed about the federal financial statements? What should be done with protected sanitation installations left over from the Cold War? What lessons can be drawn about risk management at Swiss Post in the wake of the postal bus affair? Is there enough supervision of milk testing subsidies? Is there gender discrimination in the allocation of funds to the professors at the ETHs? How will the management and supervision of air traffic deal with major challenges? Where are the savings promised from competitive tenders for energy efficiency measures? How will the Armed Forces' future drones be protected against cyberattacks? Did defence company RUAG earn too much margin with its public military contracts? Many of the answers can be found in the SFAO's 2019 annual report.



Annual report


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