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The Xth Congress of EUROSAI is being held in Istanbul, Turkey

May 24, 2017

The X EUROSAI Congress, hosted by the Turkish Court of Accounts, was inugurated on the 22nd May, following the 47 Governing Board meeting.

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Arno Visser, President of the Netherlands Court of Accounts, and outgoing President of EUROSAI, paid tribute to his predecessor, Ms. Saskia Stuiveling, who passed away in April and who had made the Dutch Presidency possible. Mr. Visser also remarked that during the Presidency of EUROSAI he had tried to prepare the way for a transitional journey that enables EUROSAI to help members face the challenges of our time, deal with emerging issues or even anticipate them.

In line with the ISSAI theme of the X Congress, Mr. Visser reviewed the important principles and professional standards that guide SAI’s work and unite them in diversity. These shared values are also present in EUROSAI’s new Strategic Plan; independence; professionalism; inclusiveness; cooperation; innovation; and responsiveness. These six EUROSAI values mark where EUROSAI stands and how it can position itself in the future.

Finally, Mr. Visser presented to Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş, President of the Turkish Court of Accounts and new President of EUROSAI, the EUROSAI crystal, which symbolizes the organization with its focal points, transparency and changing perspectives.

Mr. Baş expressed his gratitude to Mr. Visser and his team for their invaluable contributions to the EUROSAI community during the past 3 years, especially in the development of the EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023. As the new President of EUROSAI, he highlighted the importance of “open dialogue” to go further through renewing and progressing with collective efforts and the invaluable opportunity that the Congress represents, in terms of coming together for exchanging ideas and experiences, especially on the issue of ISSAI implementation, as well as outstanding problems in the field of public sector audit and other emerging issues related to the evolving role of the SAIs. 

Mr. Baş presented the “Marketplace of Ideas” event, to be held during the Congress, whose aim is to create an enabling atmosphere for open dialogue, encourage members to share their opinions more actively and assist the Turkish Court of Accounts in developing the road map for the next three years.  

Finally, Mr. Baş thanked the Secretary General and his team for their crucial efforts and sincere assistance and guidance and looked forward the next three years of close collaboration. 




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