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TFMA Kick-off Meeting

April 18, 2017

The first official gathering of EUROSAI Task Force on Municipality Audit (TFMA) members, the Kick-off Meeting, took a place in Vilnius, Lithuania. 50 representatives from 26 EUROSAI countries assembled to build the foundation for EUROSAI TFMA future work.

The Kick-off Meeting of the EUROSAI TFMA was intended to provide a platform for the general introduction of the EUROSAI TFMA: the Working Programme was approved, including the assignment of responsibilities of EUROSAI TFMA members as well as working principles and values. The Kick-off Meeting is the start for implementing 3 strategic goals of the task force, which are expected to lead to positive changes in municipal audits in every member country and the system as a whole.

EUROSAI TFMA was established as a result of the previous initiatives of the National Audit Office of Lithuania together with other SAIs in the area of audits of municipalities. National Audit Office of Lithuania has been initiating the international cooperation in the area of auditing municipalities already since 2013. After organizing several meetings to which more and more SAIs sent their representatives and after conducting several international surveys, National Audit Office of Lithuania came to the conclusion that the area of auditing municipalities is relevant to many EUROSAI SAIs. However, due to the complexity, specificity and lack of openness in the sphere of auditing municipalities, there were no trials in initiating a broader cooperation until the National Audit Office of Lithuania took the step and prepared the documents for the 44th EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting seeking for the approval to establish a Task Force on Municipality Audit within EUROSAI. EUROSAI Governing Board supported the initiative of the National Audit Office of Lithuania and the TFMA was established on 14th June, 2016 with the official activities planned to be started since the beginning of 2017.

More information about the Kick-off Meeting can be found at the EUROSAI TFMA webpage.

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