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New President of the Spanish Court of Audit

August 1, 2018

Ms. María José de la Fuente y de la Calle was appointed President of the Spanish Court of Audit by HM the King, with a three-year term, on 25 July 2018. As President of the Spanish Court of Audit, she has also taken over from Mr. Ramón Álvarez de Miranda as Secretary General of EUROSAI.

The President of the Spanish Court of Audit is a Law Graduate and Corporate Legal Advisor, and she is an officer of the Senior Corps of Attorneys at the Court of Audit since 1993.

Her professional career has been very linked to the international sphere since from 1999 she was the Director of the Tribunal de Cuentas’ Liaison Unit with the European Court of Auditors and, from 2003 to 2012, the Director of International Relations of the Tribunal de Cuentas.

In July 2012, she was appointed Audit Counsellor of the Court of Audit, assuming the leadership of the Department of Local Entities of the Audit Section and, since September 2015, she also assumed the co-leadership of the Department of Political Parties of the Court of Audit.

By an agreement adopted by the Council of Ministers of 12 December 2014, she was appointed as a Member of the Transparency and Good Governance Committee, at the proposal of the Court of Audit.

For more information on the new President of the Tribunal de Cuentas, please see here.



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