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2nd Meeting of the EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1 (SG1) on Professional Cooperation

November 27, 2018

The second SG1 meeting took place in Tirana, Albania, 30-31 October 2018.

Besides the SG1 co-leaders (SAIs of the Czech Republic and Germany) more than 20 representatives from the SAIs of Albania, Belgium, Estonia (Chair of the WGEA),  Lithuania (Chair of the Task Force on  Municipality Audit),  Poland (co-leader of Strategic Goal 2 and Chair of the ITWG),  Portugal, (Chair of the Task Force on Audit & Ethics),  Spain (Secretariat) Sweden (co-leader of Strategic Goal 2)  and Turkey (Presidency) actively participated in the meeting.

The programme of the autumn meeting primarily included these following areas:

  • Overview of current implementation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan (overall, SG1 Operational Plan, and visualisation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan);
  • progress reports on the current work of SG1; BIEP, Innovations, the EUROSAI databases of audits, products and surveys; Hackathon; Training;  developments of the Working Groups and Task Forces; the values and benefits from parallel audits;
  • presentations of planned and forthcoming projects (e.g.a joint event on SGD audit with AFROSAI, IDI platform, Investigations workshop);
  • discussions on further project ideas (e.g. a project on follow-up of the implementation of audit recommendations from SAI Belgium);
  • and reports from the co-leaders of SG2 (SAI Poland and SAI Sweden) and the Portfolio on Relations with INTOSAI Regional Organizations (SAI of Spain);

The participants also brainstormed new ideas based on the web-based dialogue on Emerging Issues and updated the EUROSAI Operational Plan for SG1. The third SG1 meeting will be held in the Czech Republic in 2019.

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