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Calendar 2019

09 - 10 October
3rd meeting of EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1

Location: Liberec (Czech Republic)

Source:  Strategic Goal 1 - Professional cooperation (ESP ’17-’23)

10 - 11 October
3rd Seminar of the TFMA

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Source:  Task Force Municipality Audit

14 - 16 October
Workshop on the CUBE (Control Space of E-government) and the Active IT Audit Manual

Location: Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Source:  Information Technology Working Group

22 October
Conference on Biodiversity

Location: Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Subject:  Environment

Source:  Working Group on Environmental Auditing

Materials:   Report from the Biodiversity Conference and the 17th Annual Meeting of EUROSAI WGEA

23 - 24 October
17th EUROSAI WGEA Annual Meeting

Location: Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Source:  Working Group on Environmental Auditing

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