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Institutional Information

EUROSAI undertakes its activity through three bodies: the Congress, the Governing Board and the Secretariat.

There are also three Working Groups and two Task Forces. These implementing bodies are set up for supporting the Congress, at technical level, in concrete works and initiatives, being entrusted with specific mandates in line with the EUROSAI Strategic Plan.

Moreover, as agreed at the X Congress, during the strategic period 2017-2023 EUROSAI’s governance will be enhanced through the following elements:

a)     Governing Board portfolios: each Governing Board member is responsible for one or more portfolios relating to the governance of EUROSAI and/or the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

The current allocation of Governing Board portfolios is as follows:

    • Overall governance and culture: SAI of Turkey (Presidency).
    • Co-leader of Strategic Goal 1 “Professional cooperation”: SAI of Czech Republic, together with SAI of Germany (non-GB member co-leader).
    • Co-leader of Strategic Goal 2 “Institutional Capacity Development”: SAI of Poland, together with SAI of Sweden (non-GB member co-leader).
    • Communication: SAI of Latvia.
    • Relations with non-SAI stakeholders: SAI of the Netherlands.
    • Relations with other INTOSAI regional organisations: SAI of Spain (Secretariat).
    • Emerging issues and forward thinking: SAI of Finland.

b)     Co-leaders of Strategic Goals: coordination of the implementation of each of the two strategic goals will be shared by a Governing Board member and a non-Governing Board member.

    • Strategic Goal 1 -professional cooperation- is co-leaded by the SAI of the Czech Republic (Governing Board member) and the SAI of Germany (non Governing Board member).
    • Strategic Goal 2  - institutional capacity development - is co -leaded by the SAI of Poland (Governing Board member) and the SAI of Sweden (non Governing Board member).

c)      Coordination Team: a small team within the Governing Board will coordinate and monitor on a regular basis the execution of the EUROSAI Operational Plan.

This Coordination Team is composed of 3 members -SAIs of Turkey (Presidency), Czech Republic (Goal 1 co-leader) and Poland (Goal 2 co-leader)- and one observer (the Secretariat).

d)     Agile project groups: short-term cooperation initiatives led by members of EUROSAI may be set up on a project basis in line with two strategic goals and the envisaged enhancement of EUROSAI governance.

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