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EUROSAI Strategic Plan 2017-2023

The X Congress, held in Istanbul in May 2017, endorsed the second EUROSAI Strategic Plan (ESP), which covers the period 2017-2023. This ESP had been drafted by Goal Team 4 “Governance and Communication”, under the leadership of the SAI of the Netherlands (2014-2017 Presidency).

The ESP 2017-2023 consists of the four following chapters: the Preamble, the Mission, Vision & Values, two Strategic Goals and Enhanced Governance.

1. The Preamble, which describes the context within which EUROSAI operates as a Regional Organisation and the challenges it faces.

2. The vision, the mission and values of EUROSAI that guide its daily work.

3. The two strategic goals, each of them led by two co-leaders who work in close cooperation with other EUROSAI members to achieve the desired outcomes:

  • Strategic Goal 1 (SG 1): Supporting effective, innovative and relevant audits by promoting and brokering professional cooperation.
    • Co-led by the SAI of the Czech Republic (Governing Board member) and the SAI of Germany.
  • Strategic Goal 2 (SG 2): Helping SAIs deal with new opportunities and challenges by supporting and facilitating their institutional capacity development.
    • Co-led by the SAI of Poland (Governing Board member) and the SAI of Sweden.

4. The Strategic Plan also places special emphasis on an enhanced EUROSAI Governance and Modus Operandi, defining the guiding principles and some key enhancements.

To clarify the intention of the proposed governance enhancements and to provide guidance to the Governing Board for the operationalization of the ESP 2017-2023, the Governing Board agreed to submit a Memorandum on enhanced EUROSAI structure and governance to the X Congress for information.

Additional information on the ESP 2017-2023:

  • Report on the design and development of the Strategic Plan 2017-2023 (annex 1 to Goal Team 4 report on the period 2011-2017).
  • Resolution of the X Congress regarding the ESP 2017-2023.

5. The General Procedures for the ESP 2017- 2023, conceived as a guidance for the implementation of the ESP 2017-2023 and the successful achievement of its Strategic Goals, were also approved during the 49th Governing Board meeting.

6. The Operational Plan (OP) for the implementation of the ESP 2017-2023 was approved by the 49th EUROSAI Governing Board Meeting held in Gdansk (Poland), 14-15 March 2018. In order to ensure an integrated approach, the OP is composed of the projects related to the Strategic Goals 1 & 2 and those designed to put in place the Governing Board’s Governance Portfolios. Those projects comprised in the work programmes of the Working Groups and Task Forces and with a direct linkage to the Strategic Goals 1 & 2  in terms of their desired outcomes, have also been included in the OP.


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