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Professional Cooperation (Strategic Goal 1)

“Supporting effective, innovative and relevant audits by promoting and brokering professional cooperation” is the first Strategic Goal of the ESP (2017-2023). In order to achieve that goal, the following strategic objectives have been set:

1.1 To promote audit-related cooperation by acting as a broker between members

1.2 To support the development of innovative audit approaches and methods making use of new technologies

1.3 To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience within EUROSAI and with external stakeholders and partners

Complete information about co-leaders’ roles, responsibilities, reporting and communication is available in the EUROSAI General Procedures for the ESP 2017-2023.

Key information


Operational Plan

Project Groups

  • PG on “Coordinated Audit on E-commerce”
  • PG on “Innovations in EUROSAI”
  • PG on “Steering committee to support the fourth Young EUROSAI (YES) conference, London 2019”
  • PG on “Reactive and rapid audit reporting: using facts-only reports to assist public accountability”
  • PG on “Follow-up of the implementation of audit recommendations”



Summary of Agreements



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