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Governance Portfolios

EUROSAI Strategic Plan (ESP) 2017-2023 places special emphasis on an enhanced EUROSAI Governance and Modus Operandi, defining the guiding principles and some key enhancements. In order to implement these enhancements, the ESP foresees the establishment of Governance portfolios, to be assumed by individual Governing Board (GB) members.

These Governance Portfolios, together with the Strategic Portfolios set up to implement Strategic Goals 1&2, are one of the key enhancements introduced by the ESP in EUROSAI’s governance. The allocation of portfolios to individual GB members aims at:

  • Strengthening the ‘leadership role’ and engagement of individual Board members
  • Ensuring that the GB as a whole takes responsibility for the operationalisation and implementation of the strategic plan and for strategic decision-making
  • Taking advantage of the expertise and networks of the GB members, thus increasing the resources available for enhancing the governance and operations of EUROSAI
  • Achieving greater balance in the workload of the Secretariat, Presidency and the GB, while not changing the powers or responsibilities vested in them by the EUROSAI regulations

You can find more information about their establishment, responsibilities and reporting in the EUROSAI General Procedures for the ESP 2017-2023.

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