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Preparation and implementation of the oncology package

Audit Id 1544888903977
Title Preparation and implementation of the oncology package
Titel in der Originalsprache

Przygotowanie i wdrażanie pakietu onkologicznego


Jahr 2017

Health and Social Care (incl. Welfare Benefits)



Art der Leistung

Performed by single SAI

Beschreibung Though the implementation of the oncology package shortened the waiting time for health services in case of patients with issued oncology diagnosis and treatment cards, it did not significantly improve, in the audited period, the areas determining effectiveness of the oncologic treatment, i.e.: - detection of the disease at its possible earliest stage and provision of access to services within the package for all patients qualifying due to the diagnosis, - precise diagnosis and consequently application of optimal therapeutic procedures, - complexity and quality of the provided health services. Only part of patients received the oncology diagnosis and treatment cards – those who were qualified due to the diagnosis. Moreover, access to the health services within the package was limited, as only part of healthcare entities concluded contracts for their provision within the package, and not all of them actually executed such contracts. Not all oncology diagnosis and treatment cards were issued by primary healthcare practitioners. Some of them were also issued to patients previously diagnosed in course of the specialized out-patient or in-patient care, as well as privately. The diagnosis process within the package was mostly conducted in hospitals, so after the cancer had been confirmed, and not in lower units of the system, which were supposed to detect cancer at an early stage of the disease, according to the assumed objectives. Healthcare entities provided services of diverse quality. Treatment of patients in some of the audited hospitals was undertaken without prior complex immunohistochemical and molecular tests.



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