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Availability of education support services

Audit Id 1610536288386
Title Availability of education support services
Titel in der Originalsprache

Hariduse tugiteenuste kättesaadavus


Jahr 2020

Education and Training



Art der Leistung

Performed by single SAI

Beschreibung During the audit, the National Audit Office assessed whether ■ information about the child’s need for support is exchanged smoothly between the parties offering help, and the child receives support from one place; ■ the Ministry of Education and Research has created conditions for educational establishments to have support specialists and teachers with the required training teach and support children at educational establishments; ■ the Ministry of Education and Research has organised the funding of the provision of support services so that a child can be helped both in kindergarten and basic school; ■ the Ministry of Education and Research assesses the efficiency of the organisation of support services. The audit involves the provision of the support children need in municipal kindergartens and in basic school levels of general education schools. The audit does not address the support provided to children at schools for children with special educational needs. The functioning of child protection, social and healthcare services is not analysed in detail.



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Mart Vain Audit departments / Education, work, social protection and health / Audit Manager
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